Asociación Gallega para la Libertad de Idioma

Galician Association for the Liberty of Language


To work for the constitutional right to be a full citizen anywhere in Spain using only the spanish language.



To foreigners it may seem ridicule, but very unfortunately, it is not possible to be a full citizen in Cataluña, Galicia, Pais Vasco, Baleares, Valencia, etc., where you need to speak catalán, gallego, vasco, ibicenco, valenciano, etc. and your children are obliged to study and speak in anything but spanish.

English only: YES

This site is dedicated to show you what is going to happen otherwise. One country one language is a fundamental democratic and common sense principle. If you like to suffer big , very big problems, go bilingual and thereafter you will have to go trilingual, tetralingual and so on: now is Spanish, next will be Chinese, before should have been Apache, etc.

In Spain we have not finished yet: now Spanish, Gallego, Catalán and Vasco, 4 ways bureaucratic redundancy and more coming soon: Aranés, Ibicenco, Valenciano, Bable, Caló, etc., besides breaking  the society in isolated and confronted partitions.

? Are we in favour of foreign language education at school: yes, indeed (but please keep it to living languages, Latin only for writers and some european lawyers).

Should you have any comment or question, please email us, we will try our best.

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Last update:  mayo 20, 2000

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